PEZ DE ABRIL is the 2017 36 Copa del Rey MAPFRE Swan 42 One Design Champion

The best racing of the regatta occurred on his final day of competition at the 2017 Copa del Rey MAPFRE in Palma.   It was a sparking day with a fresh breeze indicating the Embat was back and two races were completed.

Two new winners emerged on this final day.  Race 9 was won by an exuberant Jerome Stubler (FRA) and RAVING SWAN with a total of five family members aboard to share in the victory.  Lorenzo Mondo's (ITA) FAR STAR was 2nd and Andrea Rossi's (ITA) MELA 3rd. 

In Race 10, the final race, the winner was FAR STAR.  RED ELECTRICA ESPANA, with Alberto Viejo Puga (ESP) at the helm was 2nd, and Jose Maria Meseguer's (ESP) PEZ DE ABRIL 3rd.

But the day really belonged to Jose Maria Meseguer (ESP) and the crew of PEZ DE ABRIL winning the regatta.  Having placed second at this event a year ago, he was beyond words.  "It is lovely to win in such difficult conditions as this week with the weather and such technical races," he said.  "This is the future of the Class and we need to push for it to continue."   

For Pedro Vaquer (ESP) and NADIR who would finish 2nd in the regatta, he was very happy with the result.  This was his third Copa del Rey MAPFRE regatta he has competed in.  RED ELECTRICA ESPANA would finish one point behind NADIR in 3rd.

King Felipe VI of Spain presented the awards to the competitors tonight.   It was a special moment when all the winners were called back to the stage and Meseguer brought Carlos Sabatel, his Captain, with him.

One boat who had a particularly good learning experience at this regatta was the team from Yacht Club Argentino headed by Fernando Chain.  This was the team's first One Design event and first time for any of the team in a Swan 42.   They usually sail ORC in Argentina, but he prefers One Design saying, "There is no mystery of formulas and figuring out where you are in the fleet.  One can be 1st or 2nd and then lose on a rating in ORC."  Chain is enthusiastic and will most likely return for The Nations Trophy.

Between 8-10 boats are expected to return for The Nations Trophy, October 10-14 in Palma.  Boats to watch will be FAR STAR who had a technical issue on Day 1 and had to use his discard for the first race, and Dominique Luna Tudela's MAGICAL who finished 6th in BMW ORC 1.







The sea breeze kicked in today in spite of sizzling temperatures.  The 36 Copa del Rey MAPFRE RC scrapped the scheduled coastal race in favor of windward/leeward races much to the happiness of the Swan 42 competitors.  The morning's surprise was a visit from the King of Spain, Felipe IV, who wished the NADIR team well before he departed for the races on his Corel 45, AIFOS.

RED ELECTRICA ESPANA, helmed by Charter Helmsman, Alberto Viejo Puga (ESP), won both Race 6 and 7.  NADIR, owned by Pedro Vaquer Comas (ESP) was 2nd in Race 6 and Race 8.  Jose Maria Meseguer and PEZ DE ABRIL (ESP) was 3rd in Race 6 and won Race 8.  Lorenzo Mondo and FAR STAR were 2nd in Race 7 and 3rd in Race 8 while Andrea Rossi and MELA (ITA) were 3rd in Race 7.

As for their 4-2-3 finishes today, Branko Brain, Tactician, for Lorenzo Mondo's FAR STAR (ITA) said, "The boat is not perfect yet; we are working on some repairs and developing more power and speed.  With more racing we will get better."  He added, "Mondo has been doing mostly coastal races over the last two or three years he has owned the boat, but One Design is really good, and we will keep about 90% of the crew for The Nations Trophy in Palma October 10-14."

Jacob Wallenberg (SWE) with REGINA 2.0 saw an improvement in his team's results today.  "We learned how to set a rig for medium to light air conditions in the Med through trial and error, " he said.  He went on to say, "This One Design sailing is fantastic - really good fun!"  He continued, "Back in Sweden we will sail ORC and hopefully more One Design, as it is a great Class, great sailing which is very tight, and all great sailors here at Copa del Rey."

RAVING SWAN, owned by Jerome Stubler (FRA), may be having the most fun of all sailing with his son, Hugo, serving as Alternate Helmsman, as well as his wife, Nathalie, another son Oscar, and daughter, Domicille.  They have the youngest crew on board, the most women with five, and are sailing 100% Corinthian with no Group 3s at all.  "We changed the mast riggng which was not good enough upwind with no consistent results.  Downwind is good  We were over on the second start in Race 7, but we came back quickly and finished the day with 5-6-6."

In BMW ORC 1 Dominique Luna Tudela and MARINA GREENWICH (MAGICAL) was 2nd in Race 9.


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