Board of Directors and Committees 2017

Executive Committee:
President:   John Hele
Secretary:   Adrian Ionescu
Treasurer:   Ken Colburn
Flag Officer:   Chris Culver, Rear Commodore NYYC
At-Large Member (USA):   Roger Widmann 
At-Large Member (USA):   Chris Culver
At-Large Member (Europe):   Barry Sampson
Yacht Designer:   German Frers, Jr.
Helmsman Eligibility Chairman:   Brendan Brownyard
Technical Committee Chairman:   Chris Culver
Builder Representative:   Ken Keefe
At-Large Non-Owner:   Phil Garland
Class Manager:   Diana McConnell
Past President, ex-officio:   Paul Zabetakis
Technical Committee:
Chairman:   Chris Culver
Chief Measurer:   Mick Harvey
Builder Rep:   Ken Keefe
Industry Rep:   Jack Slattery
Owners:   Paul Zabetakis
Helmsman Eligibility Committee:
Chairman:   Brendan Brownyard
Class Manager:  

Diana McConnell

Owner:   Barry Sampson (Europe)