Swan 42 Class Association Executive Committee Conference Call

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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The Executive Committee held its first meeting of the year on January 24, 2012. John Hele thanked the class for his appointment and thanked Paul Zabetakis for his excellent dedicated service as class President.

John’s objectives for the class are:

1. Continue to make sure the owners have a great return on investment (maximizing the fun of participating in the class) and are happy owners.

2. Seek to attract new owners in an economic environment that is difficult to achieve but to have the Swan 42 Class to be at the top of the list of consideration.

3. Continue to work to expand the class globally.

Financial Position/Dues Structure Update – Gibb Kane

Gibb reported that the class had an estimated $2000 operating loss for the year which represents about 1% of the outstanding amount of class assets which is in money market funds.

Annual dues have been raised from $1,600 to $1,700.

It was agreed that there should be a lower level of class dues for boats that do not participate in class events (dues for those boats was set at $400 for 2012).

Technical Committee Update – Malcolm Gefter

Malcolm provided a technical committee report which is provide here in some detail given the nature of the discussion.

Regarding the headfoil rule change that was approved for this year, a solution has been worked out with Hall and there is now a drawing and specs which will be posted on the website. To develop the design, several boats were measured and the results of the measurements indicated that the depth of the furler well has a 1” discrepancy between the bottom of the well and the deck so it becomes tricky to define the same headfoil length for every boat. The assembly will be made to fit all boats which means measurements from the deck will vary by plus or minus 1 inch. Hall has prepared a written proposal reflecting a purchase discount because of the multiple anticipated purchases for the class. Malcolm said he would also give the specs to RIGPRO (Portsmouth, RI) so that they may offer the system as well. It was the consensus that if the Hall proposal is ready now it should be distributed to all owners immediately.

Malcolm discussed the corrector weight that will be placed in the furler well. He noted that the weight should be removable so that it could be removed if the original headstay and furler are used. He said a 5 pound weight disc will fit in the well. He noted that this is lighter than the 6 pounds originally anticipated by the rule but should provide adequate adjustment for the differences in the systems. Malcolm indicates that the weight can be affixed to the aft wall of the well with removable sealant such as 4100 or silicon. The weights can be bought at fitness stores and are typically stamped with the weight on them. They are enclosed in rubber which will help keep them waterproof.

The Executive Committee felt the Technical Committee’s approach seemed appropriate. Regarding headsail tapes, Malcolm spoke with a representative from North Sails. His advice is that the 7’s will work but the track and the tape should be well lubricated. Going forward if the new headfoil is to be used, owners should consider ordering sails with a number 6 tape.Malcolm noted that there will need to be a strop from the fitting in the well to the tack as there was no longer a furler fitting to attach the tack to. The strop can be several narrow spectra loops from the bottom of the fitting up to the deck level and tied off so there is no need to have anything specifically made per se. He said that due to the variations in the well depth the strop lengths will vary.

Several scheduling items were discussed:

1. Practice Weekend May 26/27 – John usually hires a coach and questioned if the practice weekend should become a more formal class undertaking. It was agreed to keep it informal but to let the entire fleet know it was happening.

2. NYYC Annual Cruise – John encouraged participation in the cruise this year. Daring had a great time last year with the other Swan 42’s.

3. Nantucket – Malcolm and Diana McConnell are working on details. Preliminary information will be circulated. The fleet is encouraged to participate in this event as there is an affluent market on Nantucket for the Swan 42.

4. Intercollegiate Regatta – Paul is working on the event. His current thinking is to have the crew half from a college and half from the regular crew. It would be set up as a “fun event” rather than a formal collegiate championship event.

5. Rolex Swan Cup Diana reported that Rolex is currently planning on having the Swan 42’s and Swan 45’s race in IRC rather than in one design classes but leaving the option open while the NOR is finalized by March. It was proposed that the class provide a Swan 42 One Design Class trophy based on performance to recognize the fleet at the event. It was agreed Diana attend the Rolex Swan Cup in September.

Marketing – Diana McConnell and John Hele

The idea of having a class newsletter was discussed. It was commented that during the season the website is frequently visited for results and updates but off-season perhaps every couple of months a newsletter would be a good idea. Diana will work with our webmaster to examine developing a newsletter.

Strategic Planning Meeting of Ex-Comm in February or March

The Ex Comm was polled on the idea of having a strategic planning meeting and it was determined the meeting would be held at American Yacht Cub in Rye on Saturday, March 31. John asked the Ex Comm to suggest agenda items for discussion.

It was suggested chartering boats and marketing are items for the agenda.

Reported by,

Ken Colburn, Class Secretary
Diana McConnell, Swan 42 Class Manager