Class Documents

Swan 42 Class Association International Constitution

Swan 42 Class Association Executive Committee Conference Call

All below are in PDF format.

2017 Class Rules Updated July 27, 2017

Update: November 2012: New rules approved for Sails, Weight and Race Organizations (Notice of Race/Sailing Instructions).

Appendix A - Dimensions, Weights and Equipment

1. Appendage Location
2. Keel
3. Rudder
4. Internal Equipment, Fitout, Engine, Strut Drive and Propeller
5. Optional Equipment
6. Minimum Safety Equipment List
7. Deck Equipment
8. Corrector Weights
9. Rig
10. Class Insignia
11. Fractional Hoist Single Spectacle

Appendix A-11: Class Rule Interpretations and Requests for Modification

Appendix A-12: Swan 42 Headstay

Appendix B: Racing Forms

Appendix B-1 NYYC 42 Owners Compliance and Crew Declaration Form
PDF - Excel

Appendix B-2 NYYC 42 Helmsman Application
PDF- Excel

Appendix B-3 NYYC 42 Owners Compliance & Attestation Form
PDF - Excel

Appendix B-4 NYYC 42 Request for Sail and/or Button Replacement
PDF - Word Doc