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Jammers and Main Sheet Straps

Jammers - The Technical Committee was asked to review replacing lever jammers with manual jammers. The replacements are intended to be used on the jib and main halyard. Due to some inconsistency in the wording of the Class Rules it was unclear if a “change request” submitted to the Technical Committee was/is needed. Although the language in the Class Rules will be address by the Tech Committee and the Execo in the near future, the Tech Committee does not see a significant cost or a material advantage to using manual jammers so therefore approves the replacement of “lever jammers” with manual jammers.

Main Sheet Strap - The Technical Committee received a request to add a “strap” to the main sheet. The proposed strap runs from the traveler to the bottom block of the system, therefore elevating the block that used to be attached at the traveler. The committee sees no reason to disallow the block – it is not a significant cost nor change – therefore the request is approved.

Questions & Answers:

Question:  Is it permissible to remove or sky the 2nd jib or 2nd spinnaker halyards during one design events?

Answer:  No.  Removing or skying the secondary halyards will not be permitted during one design events.


Question:  Is it permissable to add a turning block on the deckhouse and an additional jammer cleat on he port side so the jib in-hauler can be led to the port side?

Answer:  Yes.  It is permissable, as long as no blocks are removed from the starboard side and no additional purchase is created.


Question:  Can you add a 2 x 1 cascade to the vang by dead-ending a line at the base of the vang, running the line through a block attached where the top of the original vang purchase attaches and down to the top of the original purchase system?

Answer:  Yes.  The Technical Committee has allowed this additional purchase to allow for easier and safer use of the vang.


Appendix A-11:  Class Rule Interpretations and Requests for Modification (includes all interpretations and requests for modifications through 08-27-07):

In compliance with CR 3.4.1, 3.4.4, 3.4.6, and 11.1, the Executive Committee has approved the following rule interpretations and answered the submitted requests for modifications:

Question: Is the use of upwind battened spinnakers, e.g. SPINOAs or similar sails, allowed to be used for Swan 42 Class events?

Answer: No.  In keeping with CR 26 (Sail Measurements & Construction) sails of this type or description shall not be considered legal for Swan 42 Class events.


Question: Can crew members receive indirect compensation or future implied compensation for racing in Swan 42 Class events?

Answer: No.  It is the intention and spirit of Rule 4.2.1 to prohibit (except for reasonable expenses as per Rule 4.2.2) any type of compensation and/or gifts and/or any other items of value (defined as being in excess of $100.00 per NYYC 42 class event) and/or donations to be paid to any crew or their designated charity/foundation/business organization (except normal compensation paid to the Boat Captain) sailing in a designated Class event.

i.  Rule 4.2.1 - Notwithstanding individual eligibility status, no crew may be directly or indirectly compensated or receive financial benefit for racing in a sanctioned NYYC 42 class event.

ii.  Rule 4.2.2 - Crew members may be reimbursed for reasonable travel, accommodation, and out of pocket expenses.


Question:  Is is permissable to modify the mainsheet traveler system?

Answer:  Yes.  Certain modifications are permissable since individual preferences in this area will not measurably alter performance of the yachts.  However, the Technical Committee shall review and must approve all proposed modifications before they are made.  Restrictions that shall apply, but not limited to, are the following:

i.  The purchase cannot be less than 5:1 nor more than 7:1.

ii. Floating cascade purchases to reduce the number of blocks are not permited.


Question:  Is it permissable to replace the forward and the aft spinnaker sheet turning block attachments with soft loops?

Answer:  Yes.  It has been found that the standard Harken swivel head on the forward turning block does not permit a fair lead to the winch.  Replacing the aft turning block shackles with soft loops also improves the lead of the spinnaker sheet. 


Question:  Is it permissable to add a cam cleat between the aft and forward spinnaker turning block:

Answer:  Yes.  CR 22.2.1 permits the addition of cleats and jammers at the discretion of the owner.


Question:  Is it permissable to change the steering wire cables to Vectran rope?

Answer:   Yes.  The use of Vectran rope is permitted. 


Question:  Is it permissable to sand off the non-skid pattern from the deck and paint the surface with Awlgrip non-skid?

Answer:  Yes.  The application of Awlgrip non-skid is permitted with prior permission from the Class Measurer reporting to the Technical Committee.


Question:  Is it permissable to replace the lifeline turnbuckles and attach the lifelines to the push pit and pulpit with lashings?

Answer:  Yes.  The current system attached the turnbuckles to stainless steel loops that are welded to the rails.  Some have voiced concern with relying on just these welds when the crew is fully hiked on the rail.  Those wishing to mmodify this system must lash the lifeline termination to the stainless steel loop AND around the railing with Spectra lashing.  As per ISAF Offshore Special Regulations 3.14.6.c, gap being closed by the lashing shall not exceed 100 mm (4 in).


Question:  Is it permissable to attach the mainsheet blocks at the gooseneck with Spectra loops?

Answer:  Yes.  On some yachts the mainsheet needs to be moved aft in order to clear the jib leach.  Attachment loops cannot be more than 150 mm long when measured from the shackle ball to the base of the block.


Question:  Can an immediate family member (spouse, son, or daughter) of an owner helm the boat during a Swan 42 Class event when the owner(s) are aboard?

Answer:  Yes.  An immediate family member is by definition an owner (CT 3.5.3) and so long as the family member has been classified by ISAF as either being a Group 1 or 2 competitor, he/she may helm the boat at any time.  All owners, including immediate family members, must be approved for purpose of helmsman eligibility (CR 7.2).    


Question:  Is it permissable to use a hobble on the jib sheet to transfer the load off of the primary winch prior to loading the spinnaker sheet?

Answer:  Yes.  The use of a hobble is permitted.


Question:  Is it permissable to add deck padeyes for attachment of the staysail cleat?

Answer:  Yes.  Additional padeyes, cleats and jammers are permitted as per CR 22.2.1.


Question:  Is it permissable to add a helmsman platform and a foot rest for the main trimmer?

Answer:  Yes.  CR 22.2.1 permits the addition of foot rests at the discretion of the owner.


Question:  Is it permissable to fair in the gap between the sail drive leg and the hull with epoxy, Spartite, or a silicone based caulking compound?

Answer:  No.  As per CR 18.4, no modifications to the hull are permitted.


Question:  Is it permissable to remove one or both of the handles from the forward hatch?

Answer:  No.  As per CR 22.1.2 and ORC Category 4 Rule 3.05, such modifications are not permitted.